Main features of HtmlSpeed front end optimizations:

  • Website contents are fully preserved, which means that images JavaScripts and style-sheets are not altered. Thus the optimized and the¬†original websites have identical looks and behavior
  • Integrity of a website is never compromised by too strong caching
  • Deployment is transparent to the original web-servers
  • Automatic acceleration (functionality can be fine-tuned by using configuration files)
  • Scalable (unlimited grow by adding identical server machines)
  • No dependency on our infrastructure (installed on your physical or virtual servers)
  • No limits on the number of pages/surfers/servers
  • Supports all web-servers (HtmlSpeed connects with original web-servers via http)
  • Optimizations have no effect¬†on SEO (because original content is fully preserved)
  • Easy uninstall
  • Supports all major browsers: chromeLogo ieLogo safariLogo operaLogo firefoxLogo

HtmlSpeed is now free and open-source.
You can download HtmlSpeed from GitHub.