Cost effective CDN usage

The problem

Using a CDN for loading static files is a great geo-based optimization. But this can cost much, because you pay by consumed bandwidth.

The solution

HtmlSpeed solves this problem by assigning file-size ranges to one or more CDN providers (such as MaxCDNCDN77CloudFlare, …). For each static-file HtmlSpeed selects the CDN to be used for serving the file based on the file size. When no CDN is selected, the file is directly served by the original website. This increases the speed of serving many small static-files, like small style-sheet background images and small JavaScripts, without paying too much to CDN providers.

When using a CDN, HtmlSpeed supports shared SSL (enables secured access to resources that are passed through the CDN using a secured domain supplied by the CDN provider). HtmlSpeed also supports custom SSL (enables secured access to these resources using your certificate which is uploaded to the trusted CDN).