HtmlSpeed Front-End optimization software for faster website load

Did you know?

According to Google:

  • More than 80% of end-user response time is spent on the frontend
  • 500 MS load time slower = 20% drop in traffic
  • Fast and optimized pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions

The importance of fast websites load is even more critical when visitors are browsing from mobile devices, because mobile devices have slower connections with higher latency.

Perceiving website load speed as a “Slow load”, affects the actual end-user experience and the website’s performance.

Google, Yahoo, and Amazon – all agree that a slow website has a negative impact on the site performance, and that speed matters.

By accelerating a website you:

  • Increase number of page views
  • Make visitors more engaged
  • Gain more returning visitors
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • Improve search engine results and ranking


Improves page
load speed by
tens of percents
Increases mobile
browsing speed
by tens of percents
Reduces load
on servers by
tens of percents

Why preferring HtmlSpeed over other front end accelerators to speed up websites?

  • Automatic on-the-fly acceleration
  • Web site contents are fully preserved
  • The integrity of a website is never compromised
  • Website speed acceleration for domain with unlimited number of web pages / surfers / bandwidth / servers / requests
  • Fully scalable – unlimited grow
  • Supports all common web servers
  • No dependence on our infrastructure
  • No need to reveal website security certificate
  • Easy to uninstall
  • HtmlSpeed is based on a self developed parser and has unique techniques that you won’t find in other front-end optimizations
  • Supports all major browsers: chromeLogo ieLogo safariLogo operaLogo firefoxLogo

What does HtmlSpeed accelerates?

HtmlSpeed automatically shortens web page load time for:

  • Stateful and stateless web pages
  • Secured (SSL) and non secured web pages. (Http and Https)
  • “Get” and “Post” methods
  • All local web server resources and part of external resources.

How HtmlSpeed accelerates website’s speed?

HtmlSpeed exclusively implements three front end optimizations (FEO) techniques:

HtmlSpeed also improves website performance by implementing some common optimization techniques:

  • Image compression – JPEG files
  • Cache optimization – filename versioning (CSS, JavaScript, images)
  • Gzip compression – except for images